Spotlight on resident composer David Brown

Aspiring to art that is equal parts intellectual and beautiful, Philadelphian composer David Matthew Brown synthesizes modality, quartal and quintal harmony, dense polyphony, distinct melody, and a keen sense of direction to create “that which he most wants to hear.” His compositions have been performed, commissioned and/or recorded by The New Russia State Symphony Orchestra, The International Opera Theater, Philadelphia’s Network for New Music, NYC’s LINK Ensemble, The 6ixwire Project, and the Csik Chamber Orchestra of Csíkszereda, Romania.
An active and ardent violinist, David has performed as a soloist with the Csik Chamber Orchestra  – with which he was also guest concertmaster, the Newark and University of Delaware Symphony Orchestras as the winner of each respective concerto competition, and the West Chester University Chamber Orchestra. Chiefly, he is the founder of illumine, a violin-voice-piano trio ensemble (with his wife and mother, respectively) that champions their unconventional instrumentation, works by living composers, obscure works of history, and performance practice reform.
Additionally, David is a conductor, tuba player, Celtic fiddler, mandolinist, and has composed over fifty Celtic jigs, reels, hornpipes, and other dance forms. He holds music degrees from West Chester University (BM, ‘11) and the University of Delaware (MM, ‘13).
David Brown February 19, 2017,  West Chester, PA. © Ed Hille