Fees, Room & Board

The cost for 1 week only, including room and breakfast is $1600 + $50 application fee. 

Participants are responsible for all flights. Additional fees apply for transportation from and to the airport, video/audio recordings (upon request), and day trips.  

Note: Bank, Paypal, or other transaction fees, as well as underpayment due to currency fluctuations are the responsibility of the payer (participant).

Lodging. The participants are hosted at Hotel Dunav. The hotel is perfectly positioned for Vidin’s cultural and historical sightseeing places and is next to River Danube. The hotel is completely renovated to offer all contemporary needs and desires of its guests with European level of service.  A restaurant is available on site.  The Hotel is a few minutes’ walk from the rehearsal hall, and steps from several restaurants, shopping and convenience stores. A large grocery market is also 5 minutes away. Participants are lodged in double rooms (2 people). Single rooms are available for an additional $250.

*** HOTEL DUNAV, VIDIN *** (bg-hotels.com)

Food.  Breakfast is included.  Participants enjoy exploring exotic dinners on the Danube, or very affordable meals across town, close to the rehearsal hall. Lunch and dinner at the many restaurants in the city are between $3-10/meal, and more elegant options are available for a reasonable price.  Some of the famous local treats include dishes featuring fresh fish from the Danube, Italian pasta and pizza at Pizzeria Classic, and incredible Bulgarian vegetables.

Under 18 participants.  Interested participants under 18 may attend only with a chaperone or parent. The additional cost for the chaperone/parent is $600 to cover the hotel and administrative fees.