International Musicians Academy 

A Training Program for Soloists, Conductors and Composers

International Musicians Network (USA) announces the 2018 edition of  the “International Musicians” Academy in collaboration with Vidin Sinfonietta (Bulgaria).


Be a soloist, step on the podium as a conductor, or become the resident composer of a professional orchestra for two weeks!
Join a stellar cast of American and European professors and work with Vidin Sinfonietta (Bulgaria)!
August 5 – 18, 2018

The academy is designed to provide an ideal learning environment for aspiring soloists, professional orchestral conductors, and composers.


The 2018 edition is open in 5 categories:

Piano, Strings, Orchestral Conducting, Composition, Other Orchestral Instruments


The competitive program (open to only 4 players each for violin, cello, piano) provides daily rehearsals and two concerts during the 2-week program. Apprentice conductors will work with the Vidin Sinfonietta daily.  Each week the festival will select a Resident Apprentice Composer in the orchestral category, and one in the chamber music category.  Other instrumentalists may be invited.



Vidin is a port town, situated on the southern bank of the Danube, in one of the most beautiful spots of the river. For its geographical situation, the town is considered for the door of Bulgaria to Europe. Vidin is about 200 km. away from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, and shapes its aspect during two millennia.

Vidin Sinfonietta has for decades been a leading cultural institution in the town of Vidin and the Vidin region. The city, located in the northernmost part of North-Western Bulgaria right on the bank of the Danube River, is a town with a rich historical-cultural heritage and musical traditions.  The orchestra was officially registered as a state organization since 1949 though the first steps towards its creation date back in the early 1910. Besides the full time season of yearly concerts at home, the orchestra has performed in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia, has been the resident orchestra at such festivals and competitions as Spoleto, Como and Crotone (Italy), Danube festival in Ulm (Germany), Sofia Music Festival, Austrian Musik Festival and others.   Vidin Sinfonietta had performed in many famous European concert halls such as “Concertgebouw” Amsterdam, “Victoria Hall” in Geneva, ”Music House” in Vienna, “Beethoven Hall” Stuttgart, “The Hall of Congresses” in Saragosa, and many  others.
The participants are hosted at Hotel Rovno. The hotel is perfectly positioned for Vidin’s cultural and historical sightseeing places, and is next to the river Danube. Hotel Rovno is completely renovated to offer all contemporary needs and desires of its guests with European level of service.  A restaurant, bar, fitness room and casino are available on site.  The Hotel offers stunning, panoramic views of the River Danube and the city center.

The Secret of Success

Conductors must have a strong personal conception about the music, then convey it to the players through facial gestures, hand motions, and—so it often seems—psychic vibrations. Rehearsals afford them an opportunity for verbal instructions, though they must be ever mindful of the limits of talk and its dangers of tedium. Most young conductors learn early on that orchestras can be unforgiving. Opportunities to demonstrate and refine these skills are rare. Stuart Isacoff, Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2011. 
“Technique is communication: the two words are synonymous in conductors.”
“The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.”
“The conductor must breathe life into the score. It is you and you alone who must expose it to the understanding, reveal the hidden jewel to the sun at the most flattering angles.”
“We do not play the piano with our fingers but with our minds.”

The Secret of Success

The “International Musicians” Academy serves as a extraordinary springboard for future opportunities, giving soloists and young conductors the experience and determination to develop their career and further pursue their dreams. Ovidiu Marinescu, Artistic Director
“Things have been wonderful for me. We have had much success with our Conducting Institute in Vidin and each year we expand. The level of musicianship is exceptional in Bulgaria.” Maestro Robert Gutter (1938-2017), Conducting Institute August 9, 2016 
Bulgarians pride themselves on their hospitality and neighborliness. A visitor will first be greeted with a handshake at the doorway, and will be invited further into the private domestic space depending on the nature of the visit. At mealtimes, a guest will be offered food and drink, and at other times a drink (often homemade rakiya).

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Our Artists

Connected by passion, altruism, and experience, our faculty have decades of experience as educators and as artists.  From Carnegie Hall to the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, from Shanghai to London and to Paris, our artists have been forged in the fire of the concert stage and the recording studio.

Latest News

February 1 is the official launch of the International Musicians Academy.  Join us on an exciting musical journey in Vidin, Bulgaria, this coming August.

Distinguished conductor Vera Volchanski joins the faculty

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Spotlight on resident composer David Brown

Aspiring to art that is equal parts intellectual and beautiful, Philadelphian composer David Matthew Brown synthesizes modality, quartal and quintal harmony, dense polyphony, distinct melody, and a keen sense of[…]

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Participant Spotlight – Alan Murray

  International Musicians Academy welcomes long time friend Alan Murray.  Maestro Marinescu – Artistic Director – has collaborated with Mr. Murray on several occasions in concerti by Mozart and Saint-Saens. […]

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