Your Music, Our Commitment

Sample daily schedule:

·        CLASS New York Time Mountain Time Los Angeles Time Central European Time
Lecture/exercises on body awareness/body strengthening, yoga (with a certified trainer), stretching for musicians, injury prevention and management (presented by a licensed and experienced physical therapist). 10 AM 8 AM 7 AM 16 PM
Masterclass (Professor 1) 11 AM 9 AM 8 AM 17 PM
Masterclass (Professor 2) 1 PM 11 AM 10 AM 19 PM
Special topics: Orchestral excerpts, Etude Class, Bach Class, Bowing Techniques, Vibrato, Technical exercises, string literature  3 PM 1 PM 12 PM 21 PM
Additional Masterclass (professor 3 – cello only) 4 PM  2 PM 1 PM 22 PM

Individual participants will take staggered lunch/dinner breaks as needed.

Separate chat/work rooms will take place where students may work on various issues/subjects in pairs or small groups.