Travel Visa and Covid Requirements

Travel Visa

For the most up-to-date information regarding visas to enter Bulgaria visit:

  1. A valid U.S. passport is required for U.S. citizens. Your U.S. passport must be valid for at least three (3) months from the expected date of departure from Bulgaria. U.S. citizens may stay in Bulgaria for a total of 90 days within any six-month period without a Bulgarian visa. This law is strictly enforced. Travelers who have been in the country for 90 days and then leave will not be able to re-enter Bulgaria before the six-month period expires. Please plan and apply for your visa early.  US Government page for travel advisories for Bulgaria:
  2. Citizens with a Schengen visa do not need a Bulgarian entry visa for stays up to 90 days.
  3. For other countries, please contact the local Bulgarian consulate.

Covid Requirements –For updated info visit: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information – U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria (