Academy Categories

Your Music, Our Commitment

The 2022 edition is open in the following categories, with a maximum of 16 participants with the orchestra: 

1. Strings. Students may opt for one of three categories: 

– solo with orchestra 

– chamber music/orchestral 

– 1 week solo with orchestra and 1 week chamber music/orchestral 

 2. Orchestral Conducting.

 3. Composition: up to four resident composers: two with the orchestra, and two with chamber ensembles. 

 4. Piano 

– solo with orchestra OR – chamber music/solo recital 

Participants may choose to do one week “solo with orchestra” and one week “chamber music/solo recital.”  See application form.

 5. Soloist – other orchestral instruments

 6. Vocal with orchestra

Each participant in the “Solo with Orchestra” category will receive 4 rehearsals/week with the orchestra and a minimum of one public performance of at least one movement of a concerto (maximum 10-12 minutes or each performer for the performance). Depending on the repertory selected, each rehearsal will be between 15-20m minutes. In addition, the soloists will have 2-3 rehearsals with the conductor and/or piano as necessary.  Private lessons and masterclasses will be offered by the faculty and the principal players of Sinfonietta Vidin. Each faculty will design the masterclass schedule to benefit each student.

Participants in the “Solo with Orchestra” category must have up to two works prepared.  One should be for a medium size orchestra such as Classical/Early Romantic/Baroque repertory (Mozart, Haydn, Stamitz, Boccherini, Schumann, Beethoven, JS Bach, CPE Bach, etc.) and the second work may be from the Romantic/20th century repertory (Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Dvorak, Elgar, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Ravel).  The soloists may collaborate with experienced apprentice conductors.  Availability of orchestral parts is vital, please check with the festival if you have any concerns.  Some works require a high rental fee from the publisher which will be the responsibility of the soloist.

Note: If only one work with orchestra is prepared, students will participate in the solo/chamber music category for the second week.


Each participant in the “Chamber Music” category will receive 4 rehearsals/week with a chamber group and one public performance of at least one movement from the standard repertory. String players may also play in the orchestra during the morning rehearsals and “International Musicians” Participant Concerts. All players also participate in daily masterclasses for additional performance opportunities and to benefit from feedback from the faculty and peers. Each faculty will design the masterclass schedule to benefit each student and may include private lessons (schedule permitting).


Apprentice Conductors will work with the orchestra daily, rehearsing the symphonic repertory selected and may accompany up to 4 works each week.  The rehearsals will benefit from “on the spot” feedback from the conducting faculty. Follow up meetings with the will provide additional feedback conducting technique, rehearsal strategies, score analysis, listening skills, etc.


Composition: Each week the Academy will select apprentice resident composers in the orchestral and chamber music category. Composers receive 4 rehearsals of minimum 60 minutes total and one public performance.   Lessons are offered for the full two weeks.  For an additional fee, the festival can arrange for professional level recording or the rehearsals and concert. 


The cost for the course, including room and breakfast is $2500 + $50 application fee.  The fee for the one-week participants is $1500 + $50 application fee.  Additional fees apply for transportation from and to the airport, video/audio recordings (upon request), and day trips.