Vidin – The City

Vidin is a port town, situated on the southern bank of the Danube, in one of the most beautiful spots of the river. For its geographical situation, the town is considered for the door of Bulgaria to Europe. Vidin is about 200 km. away from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, and shapes its aspect during two millennia. On account of this, nowadays our city is a complicated mixture of different historical epochs, whereas the beautiful nature, the specific atmosphere, created from the remains of these historical periods, as well as the contemporary construction shapes the modern landmark of the city, its popular customs and uniqueness.

Today, the old metropolis of Vidin offers to its guests a possibility to get known to the cultural heritage from different historical periods: the medieval fortress Baba Vida- the only one well-preserved in the country, Krastata Kazarma (the Cross-Shaped Barracks of 1798), Otoman konak, whereas is situated the Historical Museum Vidin, the mosque and the library of Osman Pazvantoğlu (late 18th century), renewed few years ago, according to a project, financed by the American embassy fund, the Jewish Synagogue (1894) , and a number of old monuments, regarded as enduring symbols of the town. The Danube River Park is one of the most beautiful gardens along the river flow and is a favorite spot for walks and relaxes of the citizens and guests of Vidin. Built in several stages beginning in 1878 it has a particular character and harmony, which lend charm and freshness to the city.

Now when the Vidin–Calafat Bridge opened, the important strategic situation of Vidin still more commits the city to the processes happening at the old continent and gives to the town an European function- to convert the borders in bridges. Street life feels like a visit though history, blending the charm of the Danube boardwalk and shaded shores with Communist monuments, and early 20th century architecture. The Concert Hall, occupying the central pedestrian main square has exceptional acoustics and is surrounded by charming cafes and restaurants.