Your Music, Our Commitment

Founded in 2018 by the Romanian born conductor, cellist, educator and composer Ovidiu Marinescu, the International Musicians Academy (IMA) is an intensive summer program for aspiring artists designed to provide a unique and high level artistic experience working with a professional orchestra as soloists, conductors or composers. In light of the travel restrictions due to Covid-19, the 2020 edition of the Academy is moving online, while the collaboration with Vidin Sinfonietta in Bulgaria is being postponed to a later date.  

Previous Years – 2019

Second edition of the International Musicians Academy had a talented group of young artists from USA, China, and Australia.  Featured were concerti by Goldmark, Mozart, Prokofiev (piano #3, cello, violin #2), Ravel G Major, Elgar, Scriabin.

2019 Faculty:

Ovidiu Marinescu, Artistic Director, Conducting, Cello

Cheung Chau, Conducting, Cello

Blanka Bednarz, Violin, Viola, Chamber music

Dmitry Rachmanov, Piano

2019 participants:

Kaiyan Qian, Piano
Serena Rose Clement, Violin
Natalie Browning, Cello
Isaac Browning, Percussion
Max Jacobs, Violin
Karissa Haeun Lim, Cello
Alan Murray, Piano
Jane Liu, Piano

Lily Eckman, Cello


Previous Years – 2018

The first edition of the International Musicians Academy showcased an exceptional group of musicians from seven countries: USA, Russia, China, Canada, Brazil, Romania, and Korea. The participants came from reputable music institutions such as Juilliard School of Music, Moscow Conservatory, California State University – Northridge, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and Maastricht Conservatory.  Exceptional artist faculty inspired the participants during the two week festival.

2018 Faculty:

Ovidiu Marinescu, Artistic Director, Conducting, Cello

Dmitry Rachmanov, Piano

Sylvia Ahramjian, Violin/Viola, Chamber Music

Dimitri Chassouros, Composition

Vera Volchanski, Conducting

Diana Bucur, Lyric Soprano

2018 Guest Artists:

Dan Cavassi, Principal Cellist, Bucharest Philharmonic, Romania

Carmen Maria Carneci, Composer, Romania

2018 participants:

Alan Murray, piano

Tudor Cioceanu, piano

James Devor, composition, bass

Lily Eckman, cello

Kaitlyn Waterson, mezzo-soprano

David Brown, composition

Haeun Karissa Lim, cello

Catherine Ma, piano

Hyewon Jo, cello

Ceara Caisido, cello

Sarah Ann Palma, piano

Shara Sun, piano

Elvania Caram, piano

Amber Kowal, bass

Cameron Kuzepski, conducting

Ming Luo, piano

Yaroslav Tchistov, cello

The International Musicians Academy and Artistic Director Ovidiu Marinescu extend their gratitude to all faculty and participants as well as to our partners in Bulgaria: Miroslav Krastev, Director and Sinfonietta Vidin.