Artist Feature – Tudor Cioceanu

Romanian pianst Tudor Cioceanu (b. 17 June 1998) was one of the participants in the first edition of IMA in August 2018.  He currently studies Classical Piano with Prof. Katia Veekmans in Conservatorium Maastricht (NL).  Born in Ploiești, he started playing the piano in the local school of arts. He started performing on stage from the age of seven, having his debut as a soloist in January 2016 with Ploiești Philharmonic Orchestra. Between 2005 and 2015, he won multiple prizes in France and Romania in both solo and chamber music competitions.

His performance of the Ravel Concerto for Left Hand with Vidin Sinfonietta elicited praise from the musicians of the orchestra, his colleagues, as well as the audience.  Marked by expressive colors in the first movement and technical fireworks in the second, his playing showed a keen sense of style.  At the Academy Tudor also performed Beethoven Sonata for Piano and Cello op 102, no. 1, with Russian cellist Yaroslav Tschistov, and Schubert’s Trio in B Flat Major with Professor Sylvia Ahramjian and Mr. Tschistov.