Conducting Program


8-16 August 2023

The Conducting Program of the International Musicians Academy is designed to provide the most advanced training of the modern conductor.  Only five conductors will be selected.  Each conductor will receive 40 minutes of podium each day with Sinfonietta Vidin, a full-time professional orchestra in Vidin, Bulgaria, located on the scenic Danube River.  The festival conductors will conduct a public performance that is audio and video recorded.  The festival also includes daily Off the Podium workshops to prepare conductors for a career as a performing artist, music director, and leader.

Out of the five invited participants, one may be selected to appear as a guest conductor during the following season with Vidin Sinfonietta.

Off the Podium Workshops

In addition to the daily podium coachings, Festival Conductors shall participate in the Off the Podium workshops designed to enhance the leadership training needed for a conducting career.  These include the following workshops:


  •                         Marking Scores
  •                         Memorization
  •                         Score Study Plan & Rehearsal Process


  •                         Programming a Season
  •                         Programming Guest Conducting engagements
  •                         Use of soloists
  • Understanding Budget and Marketing plans
  •                         Creating Sample Programs for potential positions

            MUSIC DIRECTOR

  •                         Mission vs. Vision
  •                         Development
  •                         Role of the Music Director in the community
  •                         Working with the Board of Directors and Staff
  •                         Creating Strategic Plan


The tuition for the conducting program is $3,350 (U.S.) and includes all fees for the festival:

  • the application fee.
  • generous podium time with the full orchestra (40 minutes daily x 4, 10-15 minutes dress rehearsal, 10-20 minutes performance).
  • 10-20 minutes of conducting in concert (piece to be selected by the faculty).
  • Off the Podium workshops.
  • an audio and video recording of the performance (Festival Conductors may record daily podium coachings if they wish, using their own equipment). 
  • hotel accommodations with breakfast (single room).
  • transportation by van to and from Sofia International Airport to Vidin.  The dates we will provide transportation are August 8 from Sofia to Vidin (early evening), and August 16 for Vidin to Sofia (morning). Participants should keep in mind that the van trip takes on average 4 hours. Participants may make their own travel arrangements.
  • NOTE: The tuition does not include any air travel.  The cost of other meals and tourist activities is very affordable.