Dimitri Chassouros

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   Chassouros Dimitrios (Athens, 15 June 1954)

Mr. Chassouras studied music at the National Conservatory under professors G. Voko, Katy Papalexopoulou, and Th. Mpacha (piano).  Between 1978-1980 he served in the military-music Larissa and, he continued his studies in studied harmony, counterpoint, choral conducting with John Karkala and Instrumentation with C. Socket, Volos. In 1980 he returned to Athens, where he took courses Conductor by C. Chalkiadakis

In 1982 he moved to Paris, where he studied composition with Olivier Messiaen (1982-1983), and after with Andrei Spirea (pupil and assistant of Dmitri Shostakovich) composition, orchestration and conducting (1983-1997).

During 1990-2000 Mr. Chassouros worked seriously with electroacoustic music and especially with the musique concrete (GRM) although the 80s had done some experimentations. From 2000 onwards, he composes only for orchestra and chamber music, having made the shift to the neoclassical school with elements of Impressionism.  In 2001 the friendship with Heinz Rögner (conductor of the Berlin Symphony) ended with the death of the maestro.  Since 2007 the composer lives in Lucerne, Switzerland and is a member of the SACEM (Paris).



Lumina String Quartet, (New York) proposed by Dinu Ghezzo.

Quartet for 2 violins, violas and cellos in four parts titled Quartetto Sarkastiko (title that disagreed the Heinz Rögner) (1994-99)

Academie der künste from (BERLINER BLÄSER QUINTETT)

Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet in B flat, horn and bassoon, into five parts entitled Bläserquintett pour jahnn dedicated to Hans henny jahnn (1993) first performance Hamburg (1994), Second Berlin

Trio for Violin, Viola , Cello (1990) Paris

Quartet for flute, clarinet in B flat, horn and cello (1987) premiere Paris.



16 JAZZ PRELUDES (it circulates worldwide since 2007).

Mikrotoniko Studies for piano (2007-10), Greek Dance (2007), The very light Preludes (2005-08)

Fantasy(1981) Five Preludes (1987-94), Bakatela (2000), Poems for Piano ( 2005), Hasaposerviko (2006)

Impromptu (waves) for guitar (2000) (dedicated to Elia Siozo)



12 Preludes for Contrabass (1993) (dedicated to Solon Douligeris)



Two Choirs for Mixed Choir (SOL INVICTUS) and (KYRIE ELEISON) 1994, First Performance ARS NOVA Ensemble Berlin (17.12.94 in der AdK)

Three Sole for soprano without words (1990)

Songs for soprano and piano (Daughter of Heaven) 1982



1.Rythmus 2.Liturgy of physical world and imaginary world 3.Sine Unsine 4.Metaplasmatic.

Metaplasmatic(it circulates worldwide since 2007)

1.Piano percussions and Resonance 2.Parallel Universes 3.Divine Comedie ( three parts ) 4.Parallel Universes 2

Parallel Universes (it circulates worldwide since 2007)



THE SUICIDE OF NAFSIKA for large orchestra , (2007-2011)

THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS for large orchestra , (2007-2010)

RHAPSODY for piano and orchestra ( 2007)  (Dedicated to Olivier Messiaen to Heinz Rögner and to all the friends that have been lost)

LA MORT D UN AMI for large orchestra , 2006 rev. (2009), symphonic poem ( psychodrama around the death)

SCHERZO FOR ORCHESTRA for (1 fl picc, 2 fl, 2 fg, 4 horns in F, 4 trump in C, 4 tenor tb, 1 tuba, percussions, string orchestra) 2000 rev. (2006)

THRENODIA for (4 trump. In C, 4 horns in F, 3 timpani, percussions, string orchestra) 2006 ( dedicated to the victims of the Balkans ) Ordered by Dinu Ghezzo.

Passagallia for String Orchestra (1990)



Zwei Freunde und der Regen von Ulrich Rogalla (1997 Paris) based on the works of Paul bowles ( second prize in Nuremberg film festival)

Based on the works of Hans henny jahnn

Das gemordete Pferd von Ulrich Rogalla ( assistant Tarkovsky and the team of Fassbinder) (1990 Hamburg)



Der Turm von Babel (1989 Berlin ) radio creation in the contest of Radio Berlin (kagel mauricio)